The Zincs are from Chicago via London, England making them the first official non-native Chicago act on Ohio Gold.  The Zincs play a form of somber pop music that, while coming from a Brit, is decidedly rooted in the arcane music of America as well as the U.K.  A  vibrato tinged, British baritone voice floats effortlessly over Spanish style guitars, melodic  keyboard bleeps and drones, some deft finger picking, and the occasional lone harmonica.  All of this is driven home by a Velvets-inspired back beat.  These beautifully crafted songs are all the brainchild of the Zincs current sole member, Jim Zinc (aka James Elkington).  As an expatriate, Jim's songs deal lyrically with themes of alienation, loneliness, character, the idea of place, and the underuse of the words "Please" and "Thank You".  They are also about getting older and lying.  Jim Zinc has done time as a sideman/guitarist in U.K. mellow pop group Sophia, but "Moth and Marriage" (OHAU-009) marks Jim's debut as a true solo artist. He wrote, performed, and produced "Moth and Marriage" in its entirety.
Hear what it sounds like to be lonely in a new country.

MP3 / Track 6 : Bluestones : from The Zincs' "Moth and Marriage"